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The artist message

Heartfelt thanks to our Creator who has preserved and left intact the power and the voice he gave me.


Many thanks to all the musicians and singers who, during the recording of my last album, have demonstrated to me a love and unconditional respect.


A deep appreciation to Michael Malhotra and Ambroise Voundi which have put at my disposal without reservation, their hearts, their time and their talent.


A special love for José Zébina, my nephew David Chantalou and Jessy, the Pom'Kanel ballet master.

Thanks to my co-author Josselyn for his deference, to Joyce for her encouragement, to Shasha for her patience with me, to Celia for her precious advice.


During this musical adventure, I was bathed in this atmosphere that I love so much.

That of solidarity, love and sharing on the part of the participants.

And I believe that one feels while listening.


Finally thanks to everyone that loves me and still me faithful.

I love you, good listening.

God keeps us!!!


Joby Valente.



Joby Valente